Steel Stud Roll Formers

Drywall Steel Stud forming Roll Formerstud and track roll former

Fundamental to Industrial and commercial construction is the use of metal wall studs. Residential construction still principally uses wood studs, but some builders are moving to steel studs for that market as well.

Steel Stud Roll formers are the main type of machine for producing these steel framing studs. Also called stud and track rolling machines, a roll former can run at high speed and produce as much formed studs as is required.

Studs are shaped little by little as they move through the stations of the roll former. When they reach required length they are cut off with a flying-cut off. As the studs move through the roll former holes can be punched at required intervals.

Form process Engineering has produced stud and track roll forming machines for this many applications. A typical systems for steel stud roller formers would consist of:

  • Sheet Uncoiler
  • Roll Former
  • Die Tooling
  • In-Line Punch
  • Flying Cut-Off
  • Extension Table
  • Stacking Table

A custom produced systems would likely wind up less-expensive than available models from other manufacturers.

We also can come to your location to troubleshoot issues with your Stud and Track roll former.
See Video of above image below. 


Drywall Stud Roll Former

System has side by side tooling to make drywall stud, drywall track and furring channel. Maximum line speed of 210 feet per minute!