Accessories Flying Cut-offs Punch Units

Designed & fabricated flying cut-offs as well as in line punching & slotting units.

A production type of roll form system will want to be able to continuously produce parts. All parts must be limited in length after they are shaped in the roll form equipment and some parts need strategic holes and slots punched. 
Our production type systems would include a “Flying Cut-Off“. This would cut parts to length as the shaped product is still in motion, allowing for efficient products. The same applies to “in-line punches and slotters“, which would knock out holes or slots as the products moves down the line. 
We can integrate these features right into the roll former.
Our cut-offs and punch units are available to add onto your current roll form machines as well.

Hydraulic Flying Cut-Off
Hydraulic Flying Cut-Off

Side view of in-line punch and flying cut-off attachment

 Flying Cut-Offs cutting edge conforms to profile of roll formed shape and snaps off a precision length, without slowing roll forming operation. Form Process Engineering has experience in designed and fabricating of custom Flying Cut-offs for any roll forming system. Ideally it will be engineered into the roll former we design for your application.

In-Line Punch
In-Line Punch – Knocks out holes

Stiffener Stud Rollforming System –
see punch unit and flying cut-off in action.

Form Process Engineering can also help with coil handling equipment