Roll Form Tooling

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Engineered Tooling
Engineered Tooling

We combine over 80 years of experience in roll form tooling design with dataM COPRA, state of the art roll tooling design software, to produce quality roll form tooling sets.

We design and manufacture all tooling to produce the shape per your specifications. The tooling is made of 4140 tool steel or D2 upon request. 4140 is an oil hardened tool steel that is heat treated to 56 – 58 Rc on the Rockwell Hardness Scale. It is a versatile and long lasting tooling steel.

The tooling tolerance is +/- .001”. The rolls are designed on a CAD/CAM system. Detailed drawings of all tooling will be supplied and every roll form die specifications is archived if ever a roll needs to be remade.

We can also design roll sets and provide all the engineering for the tooling to be outsourced.

Roll form tooling - Customized Roller Dies
Customized Roller Dies

OEM Equipment roll forming tooling

We can also supply Roller Dies for your existing equipment,
when you want to switch to a new part. Allowing you to retrofit your equipment for an updated or completely new part.
Call us for roll form machine service and replacement roll dies.

Mounted Roller Dies - roll form tooling
Mounted Roller Dies

Pictured Above a new Roll Form Machine with its custom rollforming die installed, ready to produce your roll formed parts.

Zee Roll Tooling
Zee Roll Tooling